About Swan

My name is Richard Kepp and I started my own Limousine and Party Bus Rental Company in May of 1998 after seeing how awful all of the other companies were in Houston TX.  I, at the age of 17, worked at my first limousine rental company and quickly worked my way up the ladder to become an executive account manager by 19 years old; usually takes most people about 5 years to accomplish and I did it in just under 3 years.  I loved what I did and enjoyed all of the people I got to meet, hearing their stories, and getting an entirely new appreciation for life and what the world has to offer.

Starting off as a detailer (the guy that cleans the inside and outside of the vehicles to make them look as new as possible), I was able to put my youthful elbow grease to work by making my limo swanemployer’s vehicles look like they just came off the new car lot.  I took great pride in seeing my reflection in any limousine or luxurious sedan that I polished.  It was my favorite feeling to hear one of our clients speak about how amazingly clean the inside of the ride was for them and how they loved the way it smelled upon entering.  

It was that pride that took me to the next level of becoming an actual chauffeur and driver for the company.  This, as weird as it sounds, was my favorite position working here.  Where some would see it as being someone’s slave or being barked orders at, I was able to create a relationship with my riders while making them feel comfortable and welcomed.  A majority of my drives were to take and bring clients from the airport.  With these experiences I was able to hear about tales from around the world; both in business and pleasure trips from my riders.  I have a natural sense of humor and welcoming spirit (humble, I know) so it made speaking with them very easy and put them into a relaxed mood before or after a long day of traveling / flying.  I received so much business advice and knowledge about other cultures and just about life in general.  I would never trade those for anything; it was an amazing time in my life.

With that all said though, I also got to see a lot of the downfalls in the industry and where a lot of limousine business owners were failing.  It was simple things like just calling people back or ensuring that bookings were handling properly.  All of the negatives that I saw were, to me, super simple things to take care of and to fix.  Then, if a negative situation ever did happen (hey, you can’t prevent everything), I didn’t see it as a difficult task to fix it or to provide a solution to make the client happy.  Providing them with a free or compensated ride doesn’t cost the company much money but my boss(es) refused to ever do it.  They left clients unhappy and never to return again; thus hiring our competition for future trips.

Without going into a novel, that is why I have started my company and why you are here on my website reading this.  I want to change the limousine rental game while providing a high quality service and experience for my clients.  Welcome to the new way of business.