If you have never seen one, a stretch limo or limousine is a car of luxury that is longer than most other cars you have ever seen.  It is lengthened to allow room for more passengers who require more seating options and legroom.  Most common these are used for high school dances like homecoming and prom or for wedding parties holding the Bride, Groom, and Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.  Sometimes these parties can require the need for seating up to 18 people.  Our elongated vehicles are necessary to carry these large parties of medium or large size that needed transportation from one place to another; all at the same time.  For us here, the most popular rental service we have is, by far, our stretch limousine rental.

If customers need an even larger accommodation for their parties, they will hire us for two or three limousine and, in other cases, even hire us for our party buses as they are capable of handling even more passengers than the stretch limos.  We have a lot of companies hire our limos and party buses when wanting to transport a large amount of employees, in style of course, to a location for a company party or training experience.  Whatever the destination or needs, we can be hired to transport your large party.  

stretch limousines

There are endless reasons why you might want to rent a limousine for your own party or event but if you are a company, think of the benefits of picking up potential clients in one of our luxurious rides.  The impression you give alongside the comfort of a smooth ride can really be the first impression to help take you to a big sale.  On top of the luxury and impression, think about the cost.  When you have a potential (or current) client flying in to see you, you are already going to be paying for a rental car or taxi of some sort.  When you weigh it all out, the cost ends up being the same if not extremely close to the same cost; so why not go that extra little bit and really seal the deal?  Exactly, it is a small token that can go a long way while also setting the tone of the business meeting.  Your company’s image goes through the roof while also providing executives or decision makers with a comfortable travel option.

Another route that businesses can go for renting a limousine are when you want to take your employees out for a special treat or training session.  Showing them that you care by providing a solid transportation with a finer feeling to it than a normal taxi can help relax your crew and even increase production from them.  Nothing says we care about our employees more than by providing them with a stretch limo to a company event or retreat.  Before hiring us, your employees would most likely have to drive themselves to the event in their own vehicle; not any more.  

Call us today to see how we can help your company improve its image while also taking your sales game to another level with the best first impression possible.