Have You Been In A Limo?

If you have never been in a luxurious vehicle, like a limousine or party bus, you have no idea what you are missing out on.  A majority of people that have never experienced it before have false impressions about how much it costs, the way they operate as a transportation company, and how many people they can bring with them.  One thing to think of, the more people you have then the cheaper it will be for you all.  Just get curious enough to call up some local limo companies or even something as big as a party bus company for bigger events and parties.

I have been in the world of luxurious transportation for over 20 years having started as a teenager as a detailer at a local airport transpiration company that provided high end sedan and limousine transports for clients that just wanted rides from where ever they were to the airport in town.  Until I got the job, I had never thought about getting a lift to the airport from anyone other than my friends and family; but I definitely had never thought of renting a limousine or high class sedan to get me there.  Although, in the back of my mind, I did always want to have a chauffeur waiting for me with a little piece of paper having my name on it; the feeling of high class and celebrity-like emotions would be unreal.

Envision yourself in this vehicle below… it’s pretty amazing!

I bet, like the teenaged version of me, you have had similar feelings.  From wanting to be treated like royalty after a long flight to seeing everyone’s heads turn when they see you hop into the limousine, everyone has wanted to experience it.  The best part?  It really is not that expensive nor that hard to achieve.  Give your local airport transportation or limousine company (chances are they have an airport service already) to see what their rates would be.  Even if you want something small like a town car or even an Escalade, it still projects that elegant feeling that your 1995 Honda Civic cannot project.  Once you see the beautifully maintained and recently waxed vehicle show up and then a driver decked out in an all black suit with white gloves, your ears immediately perk up and you have this sense of celebrity within yourself.  It is the biggest confidence booster right next to someone telling you that you are an attractive human being.

Do not let the stigma that only the rich and luxurious can afford to have such amenities get in your way.  Many times it is these rumors and unresearched ideals that ruin a potentially amazing time.  If you want to go to the airport in style, give them a call and see what it will cost.  Chances are, it will be a lot less than you thought it would be; especially if you have more than just yourself and are able to split the cost per head with others riding with you.  Worst case scenario, you do not do it but still have an idea for next time for what it will cost you.