Why Hire A Limo Or Party Bus?

If you have teenagers then you know the hassle of all the school dances each holiday to the homecomings and proms and quinceneras.  You also know how your kids must have the best of everything or, as our kids say, “Just like in the movies.”  They want to walk in with their “squad” as we are told it’s called these days as they exit out of a gigantic limousine or party bus.  All eyes must be on them with their hair done all perfectly and their suits and dresses done up to the tees.  Everything must be perfect.

How many of you REALLY WANT TO LET YOUR TEENAGER DRIVE YOUR CAR????  If you answer that honestly, maybe a few of you will say yes.  But for us, we have worked too hard to let our kids (don’t get us wrong, we love them) drive our vehicles around; especially with a night full of distractions like homecoming or prom. The solution to this problem is actually one that makes it look like you are being an awesome parent as opposed to a parent protecting their car or SUV.

HIRE A LIMO OR PARTY BUS!  With the luxury of transportation also comes a driver AKA someone to ensure the safety of your kids (…and your car, hahaha).  On the serious note, think about it from the safety level.  You have someone, a well quality/certified adult, driving your kids around all night while allowing them to have fun.  Not one of the teenagers driving the group of distracted kids around, not one of you having to give your kids your whole night while trying not to be an ‘uncool parent,’ and not someone that just doesn’t care.  Our staff treat our riders like our own family and friends.  We care about what your future as well as our own.  With that comes the highest quality experience and safety levels in luxury transportation.

Homecoming and Prom are supposed to be about having a great time.  Far too often we hear stories on the news about tragic situations that occur on these nights of fun.  We like to think that we have the opportunity to play superhero for parents across the nation by providing a situation and fun experience for both the kids and the parents.

Sit at home with a little bit of relaxation knowing that your children and family are safe in our hands while having one of the most unforgettable nights of their lives.  We know how to have fun and party ourselves, but this is about you guys.  While on our bus, the only thing you need to worry about is how much fun can we have tonight?

On another level, thanks to hiring a limousine or party bus company, you will not have to worry about late night vehicle inspections when your kids come back from the school dance.  Also, you will not be at the car detailer the next day trying to vacuum out all of the glitter from those dresses!

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